Request to Move Your Direct Energy Texas Service


To move your exisiting Direct Energy service to a new home, please complete the required fields below exactly as they appear on your bill. You must be the Account Holder or authorized by the Account Holder to complete this request. Service can be moved from your old home to your new home in approximately 3 business days.

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Account Holder
Only the account holder or their authorized representative can enroll online. If you are not the account holder or their authorized representative, please call 1-888-305-3828 to enroll.
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Customer Validation
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In order to proceed, a utility-based credit check is required. By checking this box, I also consent to the credit check that is required to move my existing service to a new address. However, as an existing customer, a deposit will not be required from me.

I acknowledge that a move-in can only be made by the electric service applicant or the applicant's authorized representative. I confirm I am the account holder, or account holder's authorized representative, and am authorized to request to move service for this account.

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